Mining Bitcoin

Thinking about mining bitcoin? Think Again!

“Mining bitcoins is costly as it involves expensive hardware and incredibly high electricity costs. During the first days of bitcoin, one could easily use their laptop or PC to mine the digital currency, but with time it has become more difficult, requiring a lot of energy and resources to mine. Considering everything involved, people no longer see bitcoin mining as a profitable venture, unless you intend to do it on a large scale, are based on a country where electricity cost is low, or have a huge budget to purchase and set up the hardware.”

Learn more about bitcoin and buying and selling cryptocurrencies at Smart Bitcoin Investments.

Smart Bitcoin Investments
Zeke Domowski
Indian Furnishings

Iris is an independent retailer of fine Indian furnishings. We have genuine passion for Indian furniture rooted in our 20 year love affair with the region. Our aim is to bring to market some of the more elegant traditions of Indian craftsmanship.

We aim to bring to market some of the more elegant traditions of Indian craftsmanship that are less well known in the West. We strive to offer a more personal service where customers are invited to contact us directly with any questions regarding our furniture.

We have a very close relationship with our suppliers that is derived from years of friendship and a shared understanding of the history, language and traditions of the region.

We keep very close ties with the families that make our furniture, visiting them several times a year. This enables us to maintain ethically sourced materials and working environments.

This relationship helps us keep our range fresh, bring new variations to our customers and even offer a bespoke order service.

Zeke Domowski
Power Washing Services

When it comes to cleaning your deck, fence or patio, you need to have it done by a professional to protect your investment. If you use too hard of pressure you can leave marks on the wood and damage the deck or fence. A proper soft wash needs to be used to protect your deck. If you need your patio cleaned, hire a professional as they have surface cleaners that can remove the dirt and algae from your concrete and patio pavers. 

We recommend MD Power Wash in Hanover Maryland for all your power washing needs. They also provide roof cleaning as well. 

Outside of the state of Maryland we have recommendations all across the country including Clean425SmartWashGrime StoppersIntegrityPressure Point CleanersRevive Power WashingSoftWash ProsSonic ServicesSpray Soft, and Total Restoration Team.

Zeke Domowski
Deck Builder

We only carry batteries, but we know that our customers may need recommendations for other home services. When you need a custom deck builder in the Baltimore area, Maryland Decking is the best choice as they have experience with composite decking, PVC decking, and wood decking.

Top 5 reasons deck builders choose composite decking over wood:

  1. Composite decking requires less maintenance than wood decking.
  2. Composite decking costs less over its lifetime than wood decking and lasts longer, too.
  3. Composite decking materials are eco-friendly and toxin-free.
  4. Composite decking is safer.
  5. Composite decking looks like natural wood decking.

Many homeowners choose to build decks with PVC or composite decking materials over traditional wood decks for the following 6 reasons:

  1. Low maintenance deck that does not need to be sanded or stained
  2. Resists fading, weathering and rotting
  3. Splinter free deck is safer
  4. Variety of deck colors, styles & texture options
  5. Quality that lasts backed by 25 year warranties
  6. Complete deck and railing combinations, and more options

Contact Maryland Decking to work with a licensed deck builder that will provide you with quality results!

Zeke Domowski